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Whether you’re looking to save money for a big purchase or want extra cash, you can earn it in many ways. Thanks to the internet, finding odd jobs online is easier than ever, no matter who you are.

A new word has emerged into the world i.e. "gig economy" where people can get into various odd jobs by completing short-term work and earning money.

And here are the best odd jobs apps you can try today.

What is an Odd Job?

An odd job is a small, short-term job that you get for completing it. This could be anything from watching a video to remodeling someone's house.

And depending on the complexity of the job, you could earn anything from $5 to making a living from it.

7 Delivery Job Apps

If you own a car or bicycle, these jobs are for you. You’ll get paid for delivering anything from food to furniture for these. 

1. Uber Eats

Source: Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the most popular ways to earn extra money. With it, you’ll deliver food from restaurants to people. You’ll get paid for each delivery, plus tips.

What makes this odd job great is that you can create your own schedule, which makes it highly flexible.

However, to start earning from it, you must be 18 years old (19 if you want to use a car) and own a car, bike, or scooter. And if you want, you can start earning a full-time living from this.

Start earning with Uber Eats here.

2. Doordash

Source: Doordash

Another great odd-job app is Doordash. Like with Uber Eats, you’ll be delivering food, with what you get paid for every delivery.

Each delivery pays around $25, making it a great way to earn some side income. However, what makes Doordash different is that it also challenges you to earn more.

Plus, customers can leave you tips, which you keep 100% of. So it’s worth a try to become a Dasher.

Start earning with Doordash here!

3. GrubHub

Source: Grubhub

Continuing with food delivery apps is Grubhub. With this, you earn money by delivering food.

However, to make a better living with this, you need to boost your driver level, which you do by providing food. Then, you get access to higher earnings and rewards. 

To join Grubhub, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance, and have a working car. And if you have them, then it’s worth trying out.

There are only a few odd jobs that pay well and it is one of them.

Start earning with GrubHub here!

4. Dolly

Source: Dolly

If you own a truck or van, you should try Dolly! It’s a platform where you get paid to help people move or deliver furniture. You can create your schedule, and you get paid twice a week.

But what makes Dolly great is the pay. According to Dolly, you can make an average of $35 per hour, and if you have a qualified vehicle, it increases to $50 per hour.

So, if food delivery isn’t your cup of tea, then Dolly could be made for you.

Start earning with Dolly here!

5. Bellhop

Source: Bellhop

However, if Dolly has no delivery jobs available in your area, you can always check out Bellhop. Like Dolly, you get paid to help people move or deliver furniture. But what makes Bellhop different is the way you get paid.

Instead of getting paid per job completed, you get paid based on mileage. Plus, you can earn some tips for some extra cash.

Start earning with Bellhop here!

6. Instacart

Source: Instacart

If moving furniture doesn’t seem like something you’d like to do, why not try Instacart? 

With this, you get paid to shop at grocery stores and deliver them to the client’s doorsteps. 

You get paid per delivery and tips, with which you could earn $15 to $25 per hour. However, you should consider your location; the more populated the place, the more deliveries are available.

Start earning with Instacart here!

7. GoPuff

Source: GoPuff

GoPuff is a similar odd-job app to Instacart. Just like it, your job is to deliver everyday items like food, drinks, cleaning supplies, baby equipment, etc.

Plus, it is excellent that you don’t need to worry about where the restaurant is! This makes it much easier to do the job.

However, to register, you must be at least 21 years old and have a US driving license with an insured car under your name. However, if you have all of that, GoPuff can be a rewarding odd job to do.

Start earning with GoPuff here!

13 Outside Odd Job Apps

If you’re not into spending time in front of a computer and prefer to work outside, you can do many odd jobs. The pay depends on the complexity of your task, but they tend to be on the lucrative side.

8. Thumbtack

Source: Thumbtack

In Thumbtack, you could get almost any odd job you could think of. It’s a platform where people can post any positions they need help.

These tend to be about cleaning or helping people move, but you could find other jobs like helping with tax preparation or doing some wedding photography.

Plus, you don’t need a lot of qualifications to get started with it. You get paid per gig.

Start earning with Thumbtack here!

9. Jobble

Source: Jobble

Sometimes, companies need some extra hands! So, they go to places like Jobble.

In Jobble, you can find short-term work around warehouses, events, retail, etc.

The pay depends on the company and the job's complexity, but you should expect to get paid $20 per hour.

Plus, most shifts are filled within 24 hours, so there won’t be long periods before you get paid.

And if you do a good enough job, there’s a potential for full-time and part-time hiring! So, it’s a great place to keep your eye out if you want to earn extra cash.

Start earning with Jobble here!

10. TaskRabbit

Source: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a platform that offers you a wide variety of jobs. These include anything from assembling furniture to gardening and landscaping jobs.

The app is available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

When it comes to pay, you get paid for completing tasks. And what’s excellent about TaskRabbit is that the pay tends to be over $50. So, doing a couple of odd jobs a month could net you a couple of hundred dollars per month.

Start earning with TaskRabbit here!

11. Oppizi

Source: Oppizi

If something has yet to interest you, try Oppizi. Instead of delivering something or doing some cleaning, you get paid to walk and distribute flyers to people.

These are usually promotional ones for big companies such as Uber, Doordash, and Amazon! 

And from this app, you can start earning $20 per hour. Plus, you can do as much as you want as you set your schedule with it.

Start earning with Oppizi here!

16. Upshift

Source: Upshift

Another great place to find some odd jobs is with Upshift. It works just like Handy, but where you can find local shift work from local companies.

When it comes to variety, there isn’t much. That’s because most of the work offered is in the service and consumer services industries.

But the pay is good; on average, a Median employee earns around $18.70 per hour! 

Start earning with Upshift here!

13. Gigwalk

Source: Gigwalk

Gigwalk is yet another excellent platform for odd jobs. Like with Thumbtack, you get jobs like moving and other jobs like mystery shopping, property inspections, and more. 

When it comes to pay, it varies from $3 up to $100. It all depends on the complexity and time it takes to complete tasks. However, you should expect to get paid from $5 to $15 per task ended.

Start earning with Gigwalk here!

14. Rover

Source: Rover

This might be the most fun job if you like working with animals. With Rover, you get paid to walk and sit both dogs and cats.

And when it comes to the pay, you set your rates there, meaning the sky is the limit. However, I recommend you keep it between $10-$25 per hour.

Plus, you get 24/7 vet assistance, so you know what to do when there are any issues with the dog.

Start earning with Rover here!

15. Wag!

Source: Wag!

If you’re really into dogs and want to care for them more, check out “Wag!”. 

Just like Rover, you get paid to walk or sit the dogs. However, you could earn extra cash by training the dogs if you have experience.

However, you’ll have to undergo an extensive background check to join. But other than that, it’s an excellent odd-job app to try out.

Start earning with “Wag!” here!



If dogs are not your thing, then might be! With this, you’ll offer various caregiving services like babysitting or elder care. 

Furthermore, you could help out people by tutoring or just housekeeping.

And just like with Rover, you’ve got lots of flexibility. You set your schedule and prices, which helps make it worth your while.

So, if you like being around people, this is the perfect odd job for you.

Start earning with here!

17. Field Agent

Source: Field Agent

Field Agent is yet another great place to earn some extra cash.

It’s a mystery shopping app where you get paid for various tasks such as taking pictures of products, counting inventory, or checking out in-store products.

Depending on the task, you can expect to get paid between $5 to $10 per task.

Start earning with Field Agent here!

18. Handy

Source: Handy

If you’re great with tools, Handy might be one of the best odd job apps for you.

With this app, you earn by doing various tasks such as furniture assembly, home repairs, remodeling, and more. You can also do home cleaning if fixing isn’t your cup of tea.

Like most odd job apps in this list, you can set your schedule, which makes working with Handy extremely flexible.

The pay depends on the time and difficulty of the job. But you could earn anything between $20 to $40 per hour. 

Start earning with Handy here!

19. Wonolo

Source: Wonolo

Furthermore, you could try out Wonolo. It’s a temporary staffing agency where you can find jobs in almost anything.

For example, you could find a cleaning job, event staffing, or administrative work.

The pay depends on the company and the job's complexity. And no matter which position you take, you can set your own hours.

Start earning with Wonolo here!

20. Sweatcoin

Source: Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an interesting app. That’s because it truly isn’t an odd jobs app. With this, you get paid to walk.

For every 1000 steps, you earn a Sweatcoin, which you can trade for goods like new iPhones. And if you’re feeling generous, you can also donate those coins to charity.

However, you’ll need to do a lot of walking before you earn anything. That’s because a dollar is worth around 100 Sweatcoins. But earning rewards for having a healthy lifestyle isn’t a bad deal!

Start earning with Sweatcoin here!

8 Phone Hustles

If you want to make quick and easy money, then there’s nothing easier than taking out your phone and choosing an odd-job app from here. With these, you could do the work anywhere, in your home or at your favorite coffee shop. 

But due to the simplicity of the jobs, don’t expect to earn too much from them.

21. Swagbucks

Source: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most well-known money-making apps there is. With it, you get paid for doing simple and fun jobs. That includes playing games, watching videos, or taking some surveys. 

Through these tasks, you earn points, which you can redeem into either gift cards or cash to your PayPal account. However, don’t expect to make a living with this app.

Start earning with Swagbucks here!

22. Mobee

Source: Mobee

If survey-taking isn’t your cup of tea, why not try Mobee? 

With this, you also get paid for small tasks such as taking pictures of foods, visiting local stores, or answering questions about a product.

The only flaw with this is that you can only get paid through gift cards, which you can redeem in as little as 48 hours after approval.

However, spending money on Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, and others doesn’t sound too bad!

Start earning with Mobee here!

23. KashKick

Source: KashKick

If there aren’t any fun jobs on Swagbucks, you could also try out KashKick. Like Swagbucks, you get paid for taking surveys, browsing the web, or watching videos.

You’ll be earning points, which you can convert into either gift cards or PayPal money.

Start earning with KashKick here!

24. InboxDollars

Source: InboxDollars

Another Swagbucks-esc platform is InboxDollars. With this, you earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, reading emails, or doing other small tasks.

However, instead of getting points or gift cards, InboxDollars will only pay you cash to your PayPal account.

So, if you want to earn cash through surveys, InboxDollar is the best choice!

Start earning with InboxDollars here!

25. Survey Junkie

Source: Survey Junkie

As the name suggests, Survey Junkie is another odd job app which pays you for filling out surveys.

Fortunately, it’s a massive app with tons of surveys to fill out, so you’ll always have some work in hand.

However, this isn't for you if you want to make a considerable income with this. Nonetheless, it’s a fun way to earn extra cash whenever you’re bored or have free time.

And just like with other money apps, you can convert your points into gift cards or transfer the money into your PayPal or bank account.

Start earning with Survey Junkie here!

26. Qmee

Source: Qmee

Qmee works just like Swagbucks. For this, you get paid to do simple and fun things such as shopping online, searching for stuff online, or filling out surveys.

However, what makes this different from other odd jobs is the pay.

While it’s not huge, this app has no minimum cash-outs. That means you won’t have to work for some amount like $10 to $15! 

Instead, they’ll pay you out what you’re owned, even if it’s just a cent.

Start earning with Qmee here!

27. Fetch

Source: Fetch

Next up, there is Fetch! Regarding phone hustles, this is not an odd-job app!

That’s because you don’t earn any money with this app, but it helps you save some money. With this, scan your receipts in the app whenever you shop.

Then, you’ll earn points, which you can convert into gift cards for Amazon, Target, and others. So, while you won’t make any money, you’ll save some money on your future purchases.

Start earning with Fetch here!

28. Ibotta

Source: Ibotta

Another great cash-back app is Ibotta. With this, all you need to do is scan your receipts, and then you’ll get your cashback.

But what differentiates it from Fetch Reward is that you get paid real money instead of gift cards.

And on top of it all, you can earn up to 30% back of your purchase. So, it’s a great app to help you save on your purchases.

Start earning with Ibotta here!

13 Online Service Odd-Jobs

If you have excellent digital skills and want to earn some serious cash, then you’re in the right place!

With these apps, you can publish your services and start making money through it! Furthermore, if you play your cards right, you can earn a living with these apps.

29. Fiverr

Source: Fiverr

One of the best places to offer your digital services is through Fiverr. With this, you can publish any digital service like logo design, illustration, writing, etc.

Then, your potential customers can search for it and ask for your assistance.

When it comes to paying, you set your prices but don’t think you’ll start earning hundreds of dollars immediately. 

You’ll need to get some reviews before you’ll be ranked higher in the searches.

Start earning with Fiverr here!

30. Upwork

Source: Upwork

Upwork is a similar platform to Fiverr; however, getting jobs there is a little different.

You can also offer any online service there, but instead of waiting for someone to order your services, you submit proposals to job posts.

This helps you get jobs and build a reputation quicker to earn more money.

Start earning with Upwork here!

31. Solid Gigs

Source: Solid Gigs

If there’s no work in Upwork, you should check out Solid Gigs.

It works just like Upwork as companies post their jobs to Solid Gigs, where you can submit proposals to get the job.

However, when it comes to the gigs, they are usually more for development gigs or data entry.

So, if you want to expand your jobs, make sure to join with Solid Gigs. 

Start earning with Solid Gigs here!

32. User Interviews

Source: User Interviews

If freelancing doesn’t sound like something you’d like, why not try out User Interviews? 

With this, you get paid for participating in studies. For this, you’re going to need to answer some questions.

Plus, the pay for this is good! You could earn anything from $50 to $200, depending on the length of the study. So, trying this app out is definitely worth it.

Start earning with User Interviews here!

33. Clickworker

Source: Clickworker

For more jobs, you can always check out Clickworker. In there, you do simple jobs you can complete in just a few minutes.

There are various jobs to choose from, such as correcting texts, participating in surveys, taking photos, voice recording, testing apps, and more. 

But what makes Clickworker great is that you can work offline without distractions. You get paid weekly to your PayPal account. If that sounds fun, then register for a Clickworker account here.

Start earning with Clickworker here!

34. Truelancer

Source: Truelancer

And finally, for freelancers, you can check out Truelancer. You could offer your design, writing, development, marketing, and other services there. 

And just like Upwork, companies post their gigs, and then you can send proposals to earn some side income.

However, you’ll mostly find work in IT & programming, but there are also jobs in writing and marketing.

Start earning with Truelancer here!

35. Fancy Hands

Source: Fancy Hands

Another lucrative way to earn some money is to become a virtual assistant. And you can become one today if you join Fancy Hands.

With it, you get paid to complete virtual assistance tasks such as data entry, making phone calls, researching products, and scheduling appointments.

For starters, you get paid $3 to $7 per task, but as you improve, your pay gets increased.

And for each study, you could earn anything between $50 to $100 per study. It all depends on the time consumption and difficulty of the survey.

Start earning with Fancy Hands here!

36. TranscribeMe

Source: TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe could be a perfect fit if you've excellent writing skills. With this, you get paid to transcribe audio and video files. And the pay is quite good! 

On average, people get paid $250 monthly, starting at $15-22 per audio hour.

However, with specialty knowledge like medical, you have room to grow; you could earn $60-70+ per audio hour. So, it's worth checking out.

Start earning with TranscribeMe here!

37. Amazon MTurk

Source: Amazon MTurk

One of the most reliable places to earn money is through Amazon MTurk. With it, you get paid to do small tasks that Amazon’s algorithm cannot do.

That could be data deduplication, identifying objects in videos, etc.

When it comes to pay, it’s not too high, and there’s also a learning curve before you start using it efficiently. But you could still earn a couple hundred dollars or free Amazon gift cards. So, it’s still worth the effort.

Start earning with Amazon MTurk here!

38. Appen

Source: Appen

Another app for odd jobs is Appen. It works like Amazon MTurk as you do some mini-technical tasks that computers and AI cannot do.

They usually take only a few minutes; you can get decent pay if you do several of them in an hour.

However, you need a PayPal account to get paid, as it’s the only way to cash out. So make sure to create one to earn a decent side income.

Start earning with Appen here!

39. Spare5

Source: Spare5

If you still want more microtasks, you can also register for Spare5. Just like the previous app, it works the same way as Amazon MTurk.

However, instead of data deduplication, your main job is to analyze tons of images and sometimes some videos.

Like with Appen, you get paid for completing these jobs and can cash out via a PayPal account.

Start earning with Spare5 here!

40. Usertesting

Source: Usertesting

If nothing has piqued your interest, then Usertesting might. With this odd-job app, you get paid to record yourself using a website and share your opinion.

This gives invaluable information to website owners.

You get paid per each completed task, which varies, but you should get $10 per test. However, to start earning, you first need to take a practice test, which you only get two tries.

But once you’re approved, you can start making great money!

Start earning with Usertesting here!

41. Humanatic

Source: Humanatic

And the final odd job app is called Humanatic. It’s similar to TranscribeMe, as you’ll be transcribing audio.

But instead of transcribing videos, you’ll be transcribing customer service calls. That allows their clients to improve customer service and find better business practices.

Plus, you can create your schedule, which makes working quite good.

Start earning with Humanatic here!

Honorable Mention: Start an Online Business

While all odd-jobs apps were great for earning cash, there is another way to make a living. And that’s by starting an online business.

This could be anything from creating a digital agency, doing dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or something else.

And when it comes to pay, then the sky is the limit. Depending on your goals, you could earn a couple hundred dollars or become a millionaire.

But remember that for this, you’ll have to put in tons of hours before you even see your first dollar.


How Can I Make Money Fast With Odd Jobs?

To make fast money with odd jobs, I recommend you do jobs that are either more complex or in high demand. Great odd-job apps for this are Uber Eats, Instacart, or Task Rabbit.

You could also try out Swagbucks or KashKick, but it will take some time to get the money as the tasks don’t pay too much, and you need to earn enough points to cash out.

How do I find odd jobs to make extra cash?

The best way is to apply to some of the apps mentioned in this article. Once you’ve used it, start working or apply for jobs.


As you can see, you can choose from many odd-job apps. There’s something for anyone. So, instead of waiting around, I highly suggest you apply to a couple of those apps. That way, you can earn some extra cash in a few days.

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