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Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world! In there, you can buy almost anything that you can imagine. 

However, what if there was a way to save up some money when shopping? Instead of waiting for the next sale, why not learn about Amazon gift card survey sites for some free shopping?

So, what sites should you try out? Continue reading to find out!

How Do You Earn Amazon Gift Cards?

So, how does the whole process work? Well, fortunately, it’s easy. You just have to follow the five-step process:

  1. Install the app & register a free account.
  2. Pick up any available surveys.
  3. Answer questions and complete the survey
  4. Continue answering surveys until you earn enough points.
  5. Redeem the points for an Amazon gift card.

Then, all you have to do is wait for the gift card to come to your email.

27 Survey Sites to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

1. Survey Junkie

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Starting off, we have Survey Junkie. It’s one of the most well-known survey sites out there. It has an extensive collection of surveys, so you should never run out of questions to answer. However, that all depends on your location.

As you complete the surveys, you gain points that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards and other like money to your PayPal account. All you need is to have earned 1,000 points, equal to $10, to cash out.

Try out Survey Junkie here!

2. Swagbucks

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Another notable survey site that offers you free Amazon gift cards is Swagbucks. It’s probably one of the largest survey sites out there, so you’ll never run out of paid online surveys to complete. But apart from Surveys, you can earn points by watching videos, playing games, and more.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only $3, which makes it easy and quick to reach. So I highly recommend you to sign up!

Try out Swagbucks here!

3. Branded Surveys

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Next up, there are Branded Surveys. You can complete surveys that pay pretty highly. Each survey gains you around 50 to 500 points. 

So all you have to do is do the most ten surveys, and you can withdraw, as the minimum payout is only 500 points or $5.

As a bonus, if you sign up today, they will give you a 100-point bonus, so you’ll earn an extra dollar.

Try out Branded Surveys here!

4. InboxDollars

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Continuing down the list, there’s InboxDollars. It’s yet another great survey site to earn a free Amazon gift card. 

However, apart from taking surveys online, you can earn in other ways, like watching videos or shopping online.

However, InboxDollars has a vast minimum payout of $15. But thanks to its popularity, you should always have a survey to complete.

Try out InboxDollars here!

5. LifePoints

LifePoints is a newer survey site on this list. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. There are plenty of surveys for you to fill out. Plus, if you sign up today, you will earn ten free life points, which isn’t much but helps to boost your earnings.

Even better, you won’t need to earn 1200 points to cash out. Instead, for a $5 Amazon gift card, you only need to earn 550 life points!

Try out LifePoints here!

6. Freecash

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Freecash is a very straightforward survey site and you should definitely give it a try. You can fill out many surveys there, and it’s available in most countries. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is relatively low, with just $5. So you won’t have to fill out too many surveys!

However, when it comes to Amazon gift cards, they aren’t available everywhere. 

However, the free gift cards work for most Amazon marketplaces, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and more.

Try out Freecash here!

7. Prime Opinion

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Continuing the list, we have Prime Opinion. It’s yet another excellent survey site that you should try out. It’s available in 40+ countries and has one of the highest rewards and sign-up bonuses.

Plus, what makes this even better is you just need to have earned $1 to cash out, meaning you only need to complete one survey to see results.

Try out Prime Opinion here!

8. PrizeRebel

If you haven’t yet found a place to do some surveys, why not try out PrizeRebel? It’s available worldwide and has plenty of ways to earn free gift cards. 

Apart from completing surveys, you can earn by doing small tasks, playing online games, or taking online offers.

Plus, all you’ve got to do is earn $5 before you can cash out.

Try out PrizeRebel here!

9. Toluna Influencers

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Next up, there’s Toluna Influencers. It’s a survey site available in most countries (over 60) and has many surveys to fill. It has many surveys to fill out, so you should never run out of them!

Plus, you don’t need to do too many surveys before you can cash out. You only need to have done $10 of surveys, and you’re ready. However, Amazon gift cards aren’t available in all countries.

While many survey sites have the rule that you need to be an adult to take the surveys, Toluna requires you to be only 15.

Try out Toluna Influencers here!

10. YouGov

While the name might suggest it’s a government site, it’s not. Instead, it’s a survey site available in over 40 countries. You tend to earn 1,000 points for every 15-minute survey, worth around one dollar.

However, with YouGov, you must do many surveys before redeeming an Amazon gift card. That’s because you’ll need at least $50 of surveys completed before you can cash out!

Try out YouGov here!

11. Pawns

Next up, there are Pawns! It’s another fantastic survey site that is available for everyone. However, this is unique because there are two ways of earning. 

You could either fill out some surveys, or you could also sell your unused internet. But if you choose to earn with the latter, ensure your internet plan has unlimited bandwidth.

And what makes it even better is that the minimum payout is relatively low, only $5!

Try out Pawns here!

12. ySense

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If you’re looking for an excellent survey site, look no further than ySense. There, you get many ways to earn some Amazon gift cards. 

You can, of course, take some surveys, but also earn by doing micro tasks through Figure Eight or just by logging in daily.

Plus, there’s just a $5 payout threshold, so it shouldn’t take long before you can redeem. However, remember that getting the surveys you qualify for can take some time.

Try out ySense here!

13. Earnably

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Earnably is yet another excellent survey site for you to try out. Apart from taking online surveys, Eranably also offers you other ways of earning gift cards, like taking some paid offers, watching videos, and more.

However, Amazon gift cards aren’t available everywhere. But there are other ways to redeem your points, such as with other gift cards or cash through PayPal.

Try out Earnably here!

14. appKarma

Technically, this site doesn’t fit here, as there are no surveys for you to fill out! Instead, you’ll earn Amazon gift cards by downloading mobile games and playing them. 

Plus, for some extra earnings, you can choose to watch some videos.

However, the payout threshold makes this even better, as it’s as short as $5. Plus, you can redeem an Amazon gift card to US, Canadian, German, French, Italian, Netherlands, and Japanese Amazon sites!

Try out appKarma here!

15. Triaba

Another survey site that is available to over 90+ countries is Triaba. What makes this special is that your panel is localized, meaning you’ll have surveys to fill in your area. 

The only unfortunate thing is that, as of right now, there aren’t many surveys for you to fill out.

But the good thing is that you earn around $0.13 to $3.25 per survey, and the minimum withdrawal amount is just $10. So, while it might take time, it’s still a great survey site to try out.

Try out Triaba here!

16. Opinion Edge

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Opinion Edge is yet another newer survey site in this list. Therefore, it’s available in just some countries (about 20). 

But what makes Opinion Edge excellent is how rewarding it is. You still earn rewards even if you didn’t qualify for a survey.

However, you must know that you earn Tango gift cards instead of an Amazon gift card. While it might be annoying, you can still redeem them into an Amazon one.

Try out Opinion Edge here!

17. Ipsos I-say

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Ipsos I-say isn’t unique for its name; it’s also interesting how it approaches surveys. Instead of asking questions, it wants you to write about what you buy and what products you like.

That means that whenever you get something new, you can earn some money just by reviewing them. They also have some terrific contests you can enter, which reward you with vacations and huge prizes.

Try out Ipsos I-say here!

18. Surveytime

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Continuing down the list, we have Surveytime. It’s another great place to find some fantastic surveys. 

What makes this one unique is that every study has a fixed price of $1, and you can cash it out immediately as there is no minimum threshold.

Plus, it gives you reminders on your emails so you won’t forget. However, this site is only available in a select few countries.

Try out Surveytime here!

19. Rewards1

Next up, there’s Rewards1! It’s another excellent survey site that’s a lesser-known one. 

Not only can you earn Amazon gift cards through surveys, but you can also earn them by finishing small tasks, watching some videos, or playing games.

Plus, because fewer people use them, you should always have something to do daily. The threshold is only $5, which makes it easy to get some new gift cards.

Try out Rewards1 here!

20. Idle-Empire

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Continuing down the list, we have Idle-Empire. It’s another great survey site that is available worldwide. You can earn Amazon gift cards through this site in various ways, including surveys, watching videos, taking paid offers, and more.

You only need to earn $5 to convert it to an Amazon gift card. However, it’s only available for German and United StatesAmazonn sites. But there’s also an option to get paid through cryptocurrency with a minimum threshold of $0.10.

Try out Idle-Empire here!

21. Feature Points

If you’re looking for a user-friendly way to earn Amazon gift cards, you can try out Feature Points. It’s available worldwide, and it’s easy for anyone to earn cash.

Apart from surveys, you can also earn by watching videos and testing some apps.

Plus, if you're from the US or Canada, you can earn points by online shopping. You can convert your points into Amazon gift cards if you’ve made at least $5. 

However, it’s only available in some countries to get paid through PayPal or Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that not all sites have the same payment methods. It varies from one service to the other.

Try out Feature Points here!

22. GrabPoints

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GrabPoints is another excellent way to earn cash for your shopping spree, as it’s available worldwide. In there, you can earn some Amazon gift cards through surveys, watch some videos, and take some offers.

Plus, the threshold is only $5, so it shouldn’t take you too much time before you can redeem. However, Amazon gift cards aren’t available everywhere, so you can alternatively redeem cash via PayPal.

Try out GrabPoints here!

23. CashKarma

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Another great place to find surveys is CashKarma. It’s a survey site that is available worldwide. Apart from offering you surveys, you can earn extra points by watching videos or taking the offers on the site.

But what makes this better is that while the PayPal threshold is $10, you only need to have completed $5 worth of surveys for an Amazon gift card. But CashKarma is only available as an app!

Try out CashKarma here!

24. InstaGC

Next up, we have InstaGC. It’s another great site to fill out some surveys for Amazon gift cards. While it’s available worldwide, the opportunity varies based on your location. 

However, you can also complete small tasks or download apps to earn money apart from surveys.

There’s also an option to do sports betting, but remember that you might lose the money. But what’s impressive is that you can cash out once you’ve earned a dollar!

Try out InstaGC here!

25. Surveoo

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Surveoo is a smaller and lesser-known survey site. It’s only available in around ten countries. Plus, it’s easy to use. But it has its downfalls. One of the cons is that it doesn’t offer you a lot of surveys to complete.

Plus, Amazon gift cards are only available in some countries. But you can find some other great gift cards there; you only need $10 to redeem them.

Try out Valued Opinions here!

26. OpinionWorld

If you’d like to complete surveys in your local language, then OpinionWorld is for you! It’s available in over 40 countries, and its panel is in the local language for each of them. 

Furthermore, it’s straightforward to use so you can start immediately.

All you need to earn is $10, then you can redeem your Amazon gift card. However, just like the previous one, Amazon gift cards aren’t available in all countries.

Try out Opinion World here!

27. Harris Poll Online

If you live in the US or Canada, you should join Harris Poll Online. It has many surveys to fill out, so you should have enough to complete them daily. However, you must be patient; finding surveys you qualify for takes time.

But what makes Harris Poll Online so impressive is that you only need to earn a dollar before you can cash out. Plus, there are regular sweepstakes of $10,000. So there’s a reason to join it!

Try out Harris Poll Online here!


So, there are tons of ways for you to earn some gift cards through surveys. So, instead of wasting time, why not apply for a couple? After some time, have some gift cards to save some money on your next shopping spree.


Can I earn anything other than Amazon gift cards?

Yes! These survey sites offer a way to earn other gift cards, which tend to be anything like Walmart, Domino’s Pizza, and more!

How much can I earn with Survey Apps?

Unfortunately, Surveys tend to earn you around a dollar or less. So, if you want to earn a ton of money, it’s not the best place to do that. However, you can earn some cash through Amazon by doing some mTurk! But filling out surveys can be fun to spend your free time.

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