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Whether you’re looking to earn some extra side income or looking to start a nomad lifestyle, getting a captioning job is a great place to start.

With low barrier-to-entry and high demand, almost anyone can start earning thousands of dollars.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is a Captioning Job?

Before revealing platforms where you can find some captioning jobs, you should know what it is.

It is where you write captions for something like a movie, video game, or any other visual or audio files.

That helps companies make their content more accessible for viewers with hearing impairments and other auditory disabilities.

There are also two different types of captioning jobs:

  • Offline Captioning – This is where you’re given an audio/video file where you need to write captions for it. 

  • Broadcast Captioning – This is a captioning job where you will write captions live. For this, you need high writing speed with impeccable grammar.

Captions are also divided into two different kinds. Captions can either be open or closed. Open captions are always in the view of the video/audio file, while closed ones can be turned on and off.

For beginners, I suggest you do Offline Captioning jobs first as it’s much less stress-free, and you can do edits.

However, if you’re up for the challenge, broadcast captioning is an excellent opportunity to earn a high income.

21 Captioning Jobs To Try Out As a Beginner

Now that you know what captioning jobs are, it’s time to find some captioning jobs. Fortunately, there are many places for you to see.

#1 - Vitac

Source: Vitac

Vitac is a great company to start with! Their company aims to make all media, events, meetings, and education more accessible for everyone. With them, you can find both closed and open captioning positions.

And even better, you won’t need any degrees to start. All they ask from you is that you have a high typing speed and accuracy, as most of their jobs are live captioning.

Try out Vitac here!

#2 - HappyScribe

Source: HappyScribe

HappyScribe is yet another great company to find some captioning jobs. What’s great is that HappyScribe is available worldwide, meaning anyone can join them and do some caption. 

This company also allows you to create your own schedule with as much demand as possible!

The only thing asked from you is to make sure you meet the deadlines on the files you’ve chosen.

Try out HappyScribe here!

#3 - Rev

Source: Rev

Continuing down the list, we have Rev. It’s another excellent platform for finding some captioning jobs.

However, what makes this even better is that they also include translation in their media services.

That means you can earn some extra money if you’re fluent in multiple languages. So you’ll have many opportunities!

Try out Rev here!

#4 - CrowdSurf

Source: CrowdSurf

CrowdSurf is yet another fantastic place to find some writing jobs!

In there, you’ll transcribe audio into text, all within the comfort of your home. What makes it great is that it’s easy to join Crowdsurf!

All you need to do is create your account and take the brief assessment. Then you’ll be ready to take some jobs and earn a living.

Try out CrowdSurf here!

#5 - Daily Transcription

Source: Daily Transcription

If you haven’t found any jobs yet, why not try Daily Transcription?

With them, you’ll find some tremendous freelance captioning jobs with pay that starts at $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute!

However, to join them, you need to be able to write at least 50 words per minute and preferably have 1-2 years of experience with captioning.

However, once you join, you’ll have plenty of captioning projects on your hands, and you get paid weekly!

Try out Daily Transcription here!

#6 - TranscribeMe

Source: TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is an excellent place to find captioning jobs. You can find freelancing jobs there for subtitling, transcription, and translation.

Plus, what’s great is that if you have specialized knowledge, such as medicine, you can use it to work in higher-paying jobs.

However, to join, you must first go through a test where they’ll test your typing speed and accuracy. You can start earning a good living there if it's good enough.

Try out TranscribeMe here!

#7 - Capital Captions

Source: Capital Captions

Capital Captions is where you go when looking for subtitling, transcription, or translation jobs.

Since they hire freelancers, you’ll be able to do the jobs wherever you want, even at your kitchen table.

But while the jobs there are great, they require at least two years of subtitling or captioning experience and a high writing speed of 65 words per minute.

Try out Captial Captions here!

#8 - FlexJobs

Source: FlexJobs

FlexJobs, in itself, isn’t a site for captioning jobs. Instead, it’s more of a freelancing platform where you can find many work-from-home jobs, including captioning.

However, if you’re looking for captioning employment, widen your search for the best experience.

That includes having keywords like captioning, video transcriptionist, and caption writer. Then, just apply for the jobs and hope for the best.

Try out FlexJobs here!

#9 - Indeed

Source: Indeed

Like FlexJobs, Indeed is yet another place to find various work-from-home opportunities. This includes having jobs for captioning, translation, and anything else.

To get work, you first need to send the proposals to job posts, and then when the client likes your proposal, you can start working on it.

And just like with FlexJobs, we suggest you broaden your search by adding the abovementioned keywords.

Try out Indeed here!

#10 - Upwork

Source: Upwork

Speaking of freelance marketplaces, a list would only be complete by mentioning the biggest of them all, Upwork.

You get captioning or any other gigs by sending proposals to job posts. When the client is interested, you’ll go through the interview phase before being able to start captioning work.

Plus, what’s excellent about Upwork is that you can set your own prices, which allows you to earn a great living.

Try out Upwork here!

#11 - Deluxe Entertainment Group

Source: Deluxe

Another great place to find some captioning jobs is Deluxe Entertainment Group. As the name suggests, this company specializes in the entertainment industry.

So, you’ll be writing captions for movies, television shows, and streaming services.

Plus, all the remote work you can do either on a full-time basis or as a part-timer.

Try out Deluxe Entertainment Group here!

#12 - CaptioningStar

Source: CaptioningStar

CaptioningStar is another excellent company that provides both closed and real-time captioning services.

However, most jobs include real-time captioning, which means that if you want to work, you need to be accurate and have a fast writing speed.

You’ll mostly write captions for live news broadcasts, live streams, and conferences.

Try out CaptioningStar here!

#13 - Aberdeen

Source: Aberdeen

If you’re an avid captioner, you’ll find many opportunities with Aberdeen.

Apart from captioning jobs, you can also do some subtitling, translation jobs, and even some dubbing. Plus, both freelance jobs are available and full-time employment opportunities.

So there’s something for everyone!

Try out Aberdeen here!

#14 - Communication Service for the Deaf

Source: Communication Service for the Deaf

This company is a non-profit organization that aims to make media more accessible to everyone.

They usually require you to be on-site when you join them, but you can find some work-from-home positions occasionally.

Plus, you might also be required to work sometimes on the weekends. And if you want to join them, you must pass a captioning test first.

But if you’re up for it, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to earn a decent living.

Try out Communication Service for the Deaf here!

#15 - Copytalk Business Services

Source: Copytalk Business Services

There isn’t a better place for a beginner to start with captioning jobs.

That is because they not only provide you with captioning jobs, but they’ll also train you to become a fantastic captionist.

However, since they invest a lot of time in you, they require you to work at least 16 hours a week.

Try out Copytalk Business Services here!

#16 - 3Play Media

Source: 3Play Media

If you’re still looking for a platform to do more captioning, look no further than 3Play Media.

There, you can find jobs for captioning, subtitling, transcription, and for writing audio transcriptions. 

Most of the jobs there are made for freelancers, which makes it great as you can do it in the comfort of your home. Plus, if you know Spanish, you have some extra opportunities!

Try out 3Play Media here!

#17 - Caption Depot

Source: Caption Depot

Another great place to find some captioning jobs is Caption Depot.

With them, you can get jobs for captioning, transcription, and translation services in both English and Spanish. So, if you’re bilingual, then you cannot go wrong with Caption Depot.

Try out Caption Depot here!

#18 - SpeechPad

Source: SpeechPad

Continuing down the list, we have SpeechPad. It’s a great place to find some captioning jobs, especially if you’re fluent in multiple languages.

However, what makes SpeechPad different is that it primarily focuses on your speed and accuracy, which means the deadlines can be tight.

And to join them, you need to pass a test before. But once passed, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to get some captioning jobs.

Try out SpeechPad here!

#19 - Quick Caption

Source: Quick Caption

Quick Caption is a platform that offers you both offline closed captioning jobs and broadcast caption jobs.

It’s an excellent platform for captioning jobs for beginners as it’s created for freelancers, meaning you can create your own schedule and work in the comfort of your home.

Plus, if you’re into travel, most of their live captioning jobs require you to be on-site, so it’s a great excuse to live a digital nomad lifestyle.

Try out Quick Caption here!

#20 - National Captioning Institute

Source: National Captioning Institute

Like the Communication Service for the Deaf, the National Captioning Institute is a non-profit organization.

You’ll find many captioning jobs there, including for Spanish-speaking people. And what makes this even better is that you don’t need much to start working with them.

All you need is a high school diploma!

Try out the National Captioning Institute here!

#21 - Caption Media Group

Source: Caption Media Group

Caption Media Group is another great place for captioning jobs.

This organization focuses on language customization services, which include captioning.

Regarding the type of captioning, you’ll usually get offline captions jobs, making it beginner-friendly.

However, to join them, it’s best to have at least two years of experience with captioning. But it’s not a requirement.

Try out Caption Media Group here!

3 Steps to Become a Captioner

Now that you have a list of websites where you can apply, it’s time to start your captioner journey and become one. For this, you need to do the following steps:

Step #1 - Obtain the Necessary Equipment

The first thing is to get the necessary equipment. Fortunately, there isn’t much, as all you need is two things: a laptop and internet access. And while these two are the only requirements, you can also get some optional equipment that can help you stay productive:

  • Headphones – They make it easier to listen to audio and help you eliminate distractive sounds.

  • Foot Pedal – This tool lets you rewind and slow down videos and audio.

  • Second Monitor – A second monitor lets you separate the videos and transcription between screens.

Step #2 - Test Your Captioning Skills

Before you start applying, I suggest you do some tests for your captioning. All you need to do for this is find a short YouTube video and write the captions.

Then, you get realistic expectations of your skills and how long it takes to caption.

However, do only 2-3 tests, so you won’t start overanalyzing and wait until you are perfect!

Step #3 - Apply to Captioning Jobs

Now, there’s nothing left but to start applying for jobs. You’ve proven you can write captions, so go to the list and take as many captioning jobs as you qualify.

Once you get approved, you’ll have enough work on your hands.

Bonus Step - Upgrading Your Captioner Career

You might want to upgrade your captioner career if you’ve done some jobs and gained experience.

For those, I highly suggest you create a portfolio website and create your Fiverr account.

In those places, you can post your services for a fixed price. That makes it better as you won’t have to rely on any platforms!

Instead, your clients come to you and pay you for the price. But before that, it’s best to get some experience and social proof first.


What’s the average salary for a transcriptionist?

According to Indeed, an average transcriptionist in the US earns around 19.64 USD per hour.

But remember that pay depends on the location, as the high-paying online transcription jobs tend to be in cities like Los Angeles and New York City.

What Experience Is Required To Get Started?

Since it’s an entry-level job, you don’t need any previous transcriptionist experience.

You can find multiple companies like TranscribeMe that don’t require previous experience. However, as it’s apparent from the above examples, it’s beneficial if you do.

How can a beginner learn about Captioning?

The best way for a beginner to learn about Captioning is by doing it. I suggest you apply for platforms like TranscribeMe or Copytalk Business Services, which provide some training.

Then, just start writing captions, and you’ll see your Captioning skills improve.

However, if you want to be extra prepared, you can do some writing speed tests to write more quickly and accurately. 

What skills can I use as a transcriptionist?

To become a successful transcriptionist, you will need to use multiple skills. Those include typing, listening, copy editing, spelling, and communication.


And that’s how you start doing Captioning Jobs. So what are you waiting for? Go and apply for some of the platforms/apps on the list! Then, you can start earning an income by writing captions!

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