1. Quick Summary
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Freelance Editor
  4. Freelance Writer
  5. Freelance Transcriber
  6. Technical Writer
  7. App Developer
  8. Logo Designer
  9. Online Store Owner
  10. Video Editor
  11. Social Media Accounts Manager
  12. Affiliate Marketer
  13. Sell Stock Photos
  14. eBook Author
  15. Voice-Over Work
  16. Online Researcher
  17. Conclusion

When you’re introvert it’s difficult working with people, or even at some jobs. You might want to have a way to boost your income without dealing with people. There are ways to do that. Here are 15 side hustles for introverts to boost your income, including freelance writing, affiliate marketing, and programming.

1. Graphic Designer

graphic designer

Talented artists who are introverts should consider graphic design. You can create computer-generated designs or hand-drawn images. Some items you could work on include brochures, promotional materials and advertisements.

2. Freelance Editor


There’s always a need for editors to earn money online. You’d be reviewing blogs, advertisements or literary documents. There’s not interaction with people except an occasional email, or other online communication. One of the biggest perks of freelance editing is you can do it out of your own home. Some companies that hire freelance editors include Proofreading Services and ProofreadingPal.

3. Freelance Writer

tech writer

Use your writing skills to make money to do freelance writing as a side hustle. There are several ways to write your way to some bucks, including blog copy and email writing. Some ways to attract new customers are Upwork, Fiverr, and Often times doing freelance writing, you have minimal interaction with clients, can work independently, and it's a great lucrative side hustle.

4. Freelance Transcriber


Transcribing audio, close captioning videos, and inputting data are excellent ways for introverts to boost their income. You'll have minimal human interaction. You can work through transcribing at your own pace and there's several online platforms such as TranscribeMe and Scribie making this a great option for side hustles for introverts.

5. Technical Writer

Technical Writer

This one is different than just freelance writing. You’ll be writing documents that explain technical information. Some of these documents include how-to-guides, instruction manuals and other supporting documents. There are numerous opportunities for an introvert.

6. App Developer

app development

Web development and app development can turn into lucrative income sources. It might take some time, but once you do, it turns into passive income. You will likely need some digital marketing skills and it's a good idea to utilize online resources or take online courses to fully understand how to develope your app. Once it's live, people can install your app and you can make ad revenue off of it or people can pay to buy it and you enjoy the extra money.

8. Online Store Owner

online merchant

This is a profitable side hustle that might turn into a successful online business and a full-time job. You won’t start making money right away, but it can become quite lucrative. Customers can contact you by email if they want more information about the product or want to return one.

9. Video Editor

Video Editor

Video editing can be an excellent way for an introvert to make money. The client sends you the raw footage, such as audio or video content, and you edit it. Use editing software like Davinci Resolve to get started. There are numerous YouTube videos that explain how to use it. The go on Upwork or Fiverr to attract customers. Social media will also help.


10. Social Media Accounts Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media management involves managing a company’s social media accounts. You must know strategic content creation and how to use analytic tools on various platforms. Your day to day will consist of being in several social media platforms planning campaigns, helping to create a strong online presence, and helping a company provide excellent customer service online. This is a great field for introverts because there isn’t face-to-face content. Great social media managers often have taken online courses around search engine optimization, web development services, and graphic design.

11. Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when retailers pay you a portion of the sales to market their products. The retailers will give you a link, and when the customer click throughs and buys, you'll earn money. You can advertise the product with a review and recommendation on social media or your own blog. Often times, you'll create freelance websites, online courses, or content to post on social media platforms to draw users to the products you're promoting. Affiliate marketing can be a great side hustle for introverts once you're able to find your target audience.

12. Sell Stock Photos


For those introverts who like to take photos and don’t want to deal with people, selling photos can be a great way to earn some cash while working on your own schedule. There are sites that you can upload your photos to. When people buy them, you get a percentage of the money. You’ll earn passive income since different people can buy the same photo repeatedly. Some sites you can sell through include ShutterStock and Adobe Stock.

13. eBook Author

eBook Author

An eBook author writes and publishes in digital format, and can also create and market online courses. Start by choosing a genre and then writing your manuscript. Have your book edited and then you can use platforms like Amazon Direct Publishing and Barnes & Noble Press.

14. Voice-Over Work

voice work

All you must do, is record your voice for various digital media, commercials, audio books or animated characters. Create a demo reel and then contact production companies. Some companies include Voices and Bunny Studio. There are numerous ones to choose from.

15. Online Researcher

online research or survey

A virtual assistant and online research offer detailed insights on various topics. They do this by gathering and analyzing information from the internet such as online surveys taken, customer feedback, or client communication. You must be skilled at using databases, search engines like Google and other digital tools. You can work in academic research, market analysis or legal research. Other side hustles similar to an online researcher include data entry jobs or doing work for market research companies.


Even if you’re an introvert, there are plenty of ways to make money. You can earn money online through freelance writing, web development, affiliate marketing, virtual assistant, and other online ventures. You don’t have to talk to people for a side gig. Just jump into one of these jobs and enjoy the extra cash.

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