1. Quick Summary
  2. Corrections Officer
  3. House Cleaner
  4. Court Reporter
  5. File Clerk
  6. School Bus Driver
  7. Payroll Specialist
  8. Postal Worker
  9. Tradesmen
  10. Hotel Front Desk Agent
  11. Call Center Representative
  12. Veterinary Assistant
  13. Tree Trimmer
  14. Pest Control Worker
  15. Conclusion

If you’re just entering the workforce, you’re probably looking for an entry-level job. Many of these jobs do not require a college degree. There’s a lot out there, but some don’t get the attention they deserve. Here are 13 underrated entry-level jobs.

1. Corrections Officer

Corrections Officer

Annual Salary $45,907

A correctional officer supervises inmates' day-to-day activities, including conducting surveillance, searching jail cells, and transporting inmates. They ensure the safety of the public and the inmates. Some correctional officers are government job level or develop into a supervisor position within the jail.

2. House Cleaner

House Cleaners

Hourly Wage $15.84 to $21.64

 Cleaning homes lets you work for anyone you want, whenever you want. You can work part-time or full-time. Some people work part-time and make as much as they would in an entry-level office job.

3. Court Reporter

Court Reporter

Annual Salary $58,000

Courts need an exact record of what is said at a trial or deposition. A court reporter produces a complete, accurate, and secure transcript of depositions, trials and other legal proceedings.


4. File Clerk

Law Clerk

Hourly Wage $18

A file clerk maintains organized records and files. They might also perform other clerical or administrative tasks. Many file clerks find themselves promoted to higher positions, as starting with a file clerk job can lead to roles such as a legal assistant, highlighting the valuable skills and experience gained from this role.

5. School Bus Driver

School Bus Driver

Annual Salary $36,546

If you’re a good driver, you might want to be a school bus driver. You’ll need to have a clean driving record and a background check. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is also required.

6. Payroll Specialist

Payroll Specialist

Hourly Wage $26

A payroll specialist needs basic math skills to ensure accurate and timely payment of employees. Some duties include processing payroll, maintaining records and preparing tax information.

7. Postal Worker

Postal Worker

Annual Salary $65,000

As a postal worker, you’ll be involved in a sorting and delivery job, which includes sorting and processing mail. Typically, you’re indoors. This is different than a mail carrier. The first year as a postal worker means long hours and working holidays. Then it eases up, offering the potential for early or reasonable retirement.

8. Tradesmen


Annual Salary $48,236

Trades can offer good money despite varying levels of experience and training. Trades include carpenters, steel workers, and plumbers. Mechanics, construction workers, and any other skilled worker are also considered trades.

9. Hotel Front Desk Agent

Hotel Front Desk Agent

Hourly Wage $16

A hotel front desk agent is the face of a hotel, and having strong customer service skills is crucial for success in this role. They are the first person the guest sees. A front desk agent greets guests, registers them and assigns them a room. She will also answer the phone and help guests with questions or complaints.

10. Call Center Representative

online surveys

Hourly Wage $18.75

A call center representative can find opportunities in financial services companies. Most financial services companies offer career advancement opportunities through further education and experience. A call center representative answers customer calls, listens to concerns, and solves problems. Both inbound and outbound phone conversations with clients are accepted.

11. Veterinary Assistant


Annual Salary $36,440

Veterinary assistants are animal caretakers. They usually feed, bathe and exercise animals. They also disinfect cages, kennels and operating rooms. You might be asked to restrain an animal during an examination or laboratory procedure. Sometimes certifications or licenses are required, generally these can be obtained through skill development or a local community college.

12. Tree Trimmer

Tree Trimmer

Annual Salary $49,070

Tree trimmers may spend a good part of their day dozens of feet off the ground. The work is dangerous. You’ll be using cherry pickers (cranes) and various saws. Most tree trimmers have all their experience from on-the-job training and no college degree is required, making this a great option for someone right out of high-school.

13. Pest Control Worker

Pest Control Worker

Annual Salary $43,470

You'll be working in clients' basements, crawl spaces, outbuildings, closets, and HVAC ducts. Depending on your boss's specialty, you could be dealing with termites, rodents, lawn pests, etc. The downside is the hazardous chemicals you'll be using. You'll also need to be on-call 24/7.


These jobs may be underrated, but they all have potential. Some of them could lead to bigger and better careers. Others will give you experience that you can take to your next employer. Additionally, some of these jobs offer great tuition reimbursement programs, which can help individuals pursue further education and career advancement.

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