1. Quick Summary
  2. Depersonalize Stuff
  3. Price Items Based on Worth
  4. Sell Stuff on Online Marketplaces
  5. Sell Stuff Locally
  6. Determine Condition of Items
  7. Ensure it’s Clean
  8. Take Great Photos
  9. Determine Shipping
  10. Buy Shipping Insurance
  11. Find Collectible Lovers
  12. Look for Platforms that Work for You
  13. Take Measurements
  14. Use Your Social Media Channels
  15. Drop Your Price
  16. Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle
  17. Conclusion

When people do a heavy cleaning in their house, they find things they no longer need. Or, they may be moving, purging and downsizing and have all this extra stuff. Regardless, you probably want to make some extra cash off your items. Here are 15 proven tips to make extra income from your old stuff.

1. Depersonalize Stuff


Everyone has some stuff that has sentimental value. But when you’re downsizing or cleaning, you need to forgo the emotional attachment and be brutal with what needs to go. Ask yourself if you really need it or will use it; if the answer is no, sell it to earn money and boost your bank account.

2. Price Items Based on Worth


To get the most for your stuff, do a little research. Don't just put that vase on the market; check and see what something similar is selling for. Go on eBay. Don't check the asking price; look at the sold price. That way, you'll see what people are actually willing to pay for it and you can make some extra money fast. You might want to contact an antique appraiser if it's an old piece.

3. Sell Stuff on Online Marketplaces


Determine what’s the best place to sell your old stuff. If it’s clothes, you might want to post them on Poshmark or thredUP. If you have books, go to BookScouter. DeCluttr is a great place to sell electronics. Facebook Marketplace is another option for selling items like clothes, electronics, and collectibles. By posting on the right platform, you’ll be marketing to a buyer who’s interested in your particular stuff and it'll give you the best chance to make some quick money. Be ready to answer questions that potential buyers may have about your items.

4. Sell Stuff Locally

sell old stuff

The infamous garage sale is a perfect place to sell your stuff, especially if you have some big items. Flea markets are another great venue for unloading some of your old items. Organizing a yard sale can quickly declutter your home and you can make extra money by selling unwanted belongings to neighbors. If you have baby clothes, run over to the consignment shop Once Upon a Child to sell clothes. Teen clothes can be sold at Plato’s Closet, another consignment shop. Local thrift stores with donation sites are also a great option to get rid of old clothes, although that won't necessarily get you extra cash in your pocket.

5. Determine Condition of Items


Is your stuff new with the tags or new without the tags? Perhaps your things are slightly worn. Be sure to state exactly what condition your stuff is in. This could bring you better prices than if you just said the name of the item.

6. Ensure it’s Clean


If they're clothes, wash or dry clean them. If it's furniture, clean and repair it. Don't even bother taking pictures of your stuff until it's in great condition. If there's a crack in that vase, just make sure you explain that it's there. Providing detailed descriptions of any flaws, defects, or dimensions are proven ways to make money off your old items quicker.

7. Take Great Photos


Take photos from all angles. Use natural lighting. The lighting needs to show the piece's actual color. Pose your items with complimentary accessories. If it's a piece of furniture, show it with knick-knacks or a vase full of flowers on it to spruce it up. Match a dress with a pretty belt. Just be sure you put in the description that the accessory is separate.

8. Determine Shipping


If you’re selling online, shipping is critical. This is especially true when shipping breakables or electronics. Use a sturdy box and lots of bubble wrap. Tape everything securely. You don’t want any problems when shipping.

9. Buy Shipping Insurance


Sometimes, things get lost in the mail. Shipping insurance will pay for your item if your package is lost or damaged.

10. Find Collectible Lovers


If you have Star Trek collectibles, go on social media and find those who are interested in those types of items. A Tiffany lamp could be sold in a Facebook group to true enthusiasts. You can also use online marketplaces to find buyers for specific collectibles. Target the people who are truly interested in your stuff.

11. Look for Platforms that Work for You


Use platforms that do the work for you. You can ship (for free) your items to ThredUp, and they’ll price, describe, and photograph your stuff for sale. You pay a commission, but it’s usually worth it, so you don’t have to go to the trouble. Chairish is another platform that will do that. They specialize in furniture. Often times these platforms will deposit your earnings directly in your bank account which makes it seamless and easy.

Additionally, you can make extra money by participating in online surveys on sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. These platforms allow you to easily complete surveys using just a smartphone or computer.

12. Take Measurements


Measure everything to the inch. What's a medium to you might be a small to someone else. Sizing with a measuring tape is vital. If it's a small object, lay a ruler next to it when you take a photo to give an accurate perspective. Measure the outside and the inside of furniture. Measure the length of the bodice and sleeves if it’s clothing.

13. Use Your Social Media Channels

social media

You may have some friends or family who might be interested in your stuff. Don’t be shy about posting the information of your page. Additionally, consider using Facebook Marketplace to reach a wider audience for selling items like clothes, electronics, and collectibles.

14. Drop Your Price


If something’s not selling, don’t be afraid to drop your price. You might have overpriced it, or there’s too many for sale at the moment. It’s better to get something instead of nothing. Dropping prices can help you earn quick cash, especially if you need to make extra money rapidly.

15. Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle


If someone contacts you and is interested, they may ask for a lower price. Start the negotiation process. If they make an offer and you think it’s too low, counteroffer. You might have to go back and forth several times before you find a price you both feel comfortable with, but it may be worth it. Negotiating effectively can help you earn extra money from your sales. If they insist on a too low price, be prepared to walk away.


If you have a bunch of stuff, it might be worth putting them up for sale. Some people have made a lot of money selling their stuff; why not you? You could earn more money quickly and easily by selling items you no longer need.

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