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  2. What Do You Need to Know About Part-Time Jobs Without Investment?
  3. 5 Data Entry Jobs to Try Out
  4. 6 Virtual Assistant Jobs to Try Out
  5. 9 Writing Jobs to Try Out
  6. 5 Online Teaching Jobs to Try Out
  7. 3 Phone Jobs to Try Out
  8. 5 Other Work-From-Home Jobs to Try Out
  9. 3 Entrepreneurial Opportunities to Try Out
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Whether you’re saving up for a big purchase or looking to earn some extra cash on the side, the best way to earn it is through a part-time job that you can do in the comfort of your home.

However, while it might feel as if you need to invest a lot to start, there is no need. 

Following this guide, you can get part times jobs from home without investment which basically means a list of free online jobs.

Continue reading to find out.

What Do You Need to Know About Part-Time Jobs Without Investment?

Before I reveal all the many job opportunities you can have, we should first know what we’re getting ourselves into.

While getting a job you can do in the comfort of your home without spending a dime sounds excellent, you must understand that you’re trading your time for money.

You’ll probably need to work many hours to make a decent living.

Also, your pay depends on the skills and the job you’re taking. The less replaceable you are, the more you gain to earn.

But if you’re willing, you only need a laptop and a stable internet connection.

5 Data Entry Jobs to Try Out

If you’re a beginner looking to start earning money via any online jobs, then one of the best ways to start is with data entry.

You’re not required to have much experience or skills; if you work hard enough, you can land your first job in just a few days.

However, since the job is simple, it requires more hours to earn a decent living as the pay isn’t high. But if you’re okay with that, here are a couple of platforms to try out.

 1. Sigtrack

Source: Sigtrack

Starting this list off, we have Sigtrack. Here, you’ll be doing some data entry and getting paid. You’ll mainly be processing voter registrations and verifying signatures from petitions. 

Sigtrack is excellent because you work as an independent contractor, so your schedule is as flexible as possible. So, you choose the hours and the workload.

But there are some flaws! First, this opportunity isn't available if you’re not a US citizen. Plus, the pay is on the lower side.

But it’s still a great place to earn some money online if you're not looking to replace your daily job.

Try out Sigtrack here!

2. Amazon MTurk

Source: MTurk

Amazon MTurk is one of the most reliable places to do data entry work. With them, you’ll be doing small tasks that robots cannot do well.

That includes image tagging, transcription, and other data entry tasks. 

The only flaw is that it has a learning curve! That means you won’t be earning much per hour at first. But once you’ve got the hang of it. It can be a fantastic opportunity to make.

Try out Amazon MTurk here!

3. DataPlus+

Continuing down the list, we have DataPlus+! It’s a fantastic platform for finding some excellent data entry jobs.

There, you can do a variety of tasks apart from data entry. That includes programming the MS Access database and handling mail and documents.

However, to join, you first need to complete a criminal background. But once that’s done, you can apply and start your work.

Try out DataPlus+ here!

4. DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is yet another excellent data entry job platform. Your task is mainly to move information from one source to another.

If you want to work at DionData Solutions, you must be a US citizen with a 60 wpm writing speed.

But DionData Solutions is a great way to earn money online through data entry if you qualify for those.

Try out DionData Solutions here!


Source: TDEC

Short for “The Data Entry Company,” TDEC is one of the largest data entry companies in the world. They have both commercial and government clients.

That means you’ll have plenty of work on your hands.

However, unlike other platforms, TDEC hires you as an employee. That means you’ll be able to get all the benefits, including life insurance, paid vacation, and sick days.

So, if you’re a US citizen and it sounds interesting, this is a must-have place to apply!

Try out TDEC here!

6 Virtual Assistant Jobs to Try Out

If entering data doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, why not try virtual assistance jobs? It is one of the best online jobs to earn money by doing things you love.

With this, you’ll be helping CEOs and entrepreneurs with small tasks they don’t have time for, including setting up meetings, as a social media manager, booking flights, and other small jobs.

With this job opportunity, you’ll usually get paid hourly, which brings more stability to your income. However, since it’s easier, don’t expect to earn top dollar from this. 

But despite that, it’s a great way to earn, so let’s go through some platforms to apply!

6. Fancy Hands

Source: Fancy Hands

First, we have Fancy Hands! It’s a virtual assistance platform that works slightly differently than other platforms from the list.

Instead of paying you hourly, you get paid per task completed

The pay depends on the complexity of the tasks, but you can expect $3 to $7 per task as you begin working for Fancy Hands. And once you get familiar with the tasks, you can easily earn $15 per hour or more.

Try out Fancy Hands here!

7. Belay

Source: Belay

Another great place to find virtual assistant jobs is through Belay. You’ll mostly be doing administrative work there, but you could also do some social media management or bookkeeping. 

Plus, Belay offers you flexible schedules, which makes it easy to fit into your lifestyle. However, Belay is only available for US citizens.

Try out Belay here!

8. Zitrual

Source: Zirtual

Continuing down the list, we have Zirtual. It’s yet another fantastic place to find some tremendous virtual assistant work.

Like Belay, you’ll mostly do administrative tasks, but sometimes you’re asked to research, plan an event, or make a travel booking. So the job will never get boring.

However, you must have finished college if you want to apply, as they only hire virtual assistance with degrees. But if you’ve finished college, then it’s worth a try.

Try out Zirtual here!

9. Boldly

Source: Boldly

Boldly is just made for you if you want to find some high-paying virtual assistance work. You'll be doing administrative work like all other platforms on this list.

But what makes Boldly outstanding is that you’ve got complete control of your schedule. So it can fit your lifestyle!

However, for you to join, you need some experience. They require you to have at least seven years of experience in virtual assistance!

Try out Boldly here!

10. Time Etc

Source: Time Etc

Time Etc is yet another excellent platform for finding virtual assistant jobs.

It’s a great workplace because Time Etc is remote and allows you to spend more time with yourself, friends, and family.

What’s better is that you’ll be getting paid hourly to work with great clients and entrepreneurs in all walks of life. So, if that sounds interesting, I highly suggest you apply today!

Try out Time Etc here!

11. Wing Assitant

Source: Wing Assistant

And last but not least is Wing Assistant. It’s a superb place to find some Virtual Assistance work.

Mostly, you’ll be doing various things like sales calls, social media management, lead generation, data entry, and much more.

Plus, Wing Assistant promises you to pay above the market average salaries. But this platform is even better because it provides training and mentorship to help build your career.

Try out Wing Assitant here!

9 Writing Jobs to Try Out

Freelance writing jobs are one of the best ways to earn side income from home.

There are many job opportunities for any level person, including writing articles, editing them, or transcribing and translating. 

Regarding pay, there’s a high potential of earning top dollar. However, it varies depending on your skill and reputation.

To do the best, it’s best if you have a high writing speed, like 50 WPM, and excellent grammar.

However, even if you don’t have them, you can still earn a decent living with them. Here are a couple of platforms for you to try out.

12. Allegis Transcription

Source: Allegis Transcription

As the name suggests, what you’ll be doing is transcription. You’ll transcribe both audio and video files.

They tend to be in the legal and instance topics, which requires you to have at least a basic knowledge about them.

However, it pays well, so it’s worth applying. You should only remember that Allegis Transcription expects you to transcribe at least 100 pages per week!

Try out Allegis Transcription here!

13. TranscribeMe

Source: TranscribeMe

Another great place to find some transcription jobs is in TranscribeMe. There, you’ll be transcribing various audio files from different industries.

But this makes this great because you can create your schedule, and it is one of the high-paying online jobs and the pay starts at $15-22 per audio hour.

Plus, if you have specialized knowledge, for example, about the medical industry, then you can earn up to $60-70 per audio hour.

However, to get there, you must go through an exam, which can be tricky. But once you go through it, you can start earning well!

Try out TranscribeMe here!

14. Babbletype

Source: Babbletype

Continuing down the list, we have Babbletype! It’s a platform that offers both transcription and translation jobs.

That means you have many opportunities to earn if you know multiple languages.

Plus, you work as an independent contractor, meaning you can create your own schedule if you meet deadlines.

You get paid $10 for every 15 minutes of transcription/translation.

However, it’s not available everywhere! You must be a United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand resident.

Try out Babbletype here!



If there aren’t enough translation jobs on Babbletype, you should check out It’s a company where you tend to translate technical and medical documents and business emails. 

This is a great opportunity because they give you a very flexible workload, allowing you to create your own schedule and load. But to join, you must first pass their exam.

Try out here!

16. Textbroker

Source: Textbroker

If translating documents or transcribing doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, why not try Textbroker?

With this, you’ll be writing articles and getting paid for them. Textbroker has many jobs available, allowing you to choose topics that interest you most.

To apply, you first need to write and send them a sample. If it’s good enough, you start working on that platform. And as you get more work done, you attract higher-paying assignments!

Try out Textbroker here!

17. Verblio

Source: Verblio

Continuing the list, we have Verblio. It’s an excellent platform to find more writing jobs.

You can write about almost anything there, but for starters, you write short-form articles. But you'll start earning more lucrative jobs as you get better and great reviews.

However, there are some requirements. You need to be at least 18 years old and a US Citizen. But if you meet them, you can enjoy writing while having the flexibility to create your schedule.

Try out Verblio here!

18. Crowd Content

Source: Crowd Content

Crowd Content is yet another fantastic platform for freelance writing.

Here, you can either choose article jobs from their marketplace or work on managed content projects.

That means there’s always some work to do. And if there isn’t, you can always do their short tasks.

Plus, you’ll get paid twice weekly and get your money quickly and reliably.

Check out Crowd Content here!

19. iWriter

Source: iWriter

Continuing down the list, we have iWriter. It’s one of the biggest writing platforms for any kind of freelance writer out there.

In there, you’ll be writing articles to clients about various topics. But what makes this great is that iWriter, you have a high earning potential.

You could earn up to $40 per 500 words.

Plus, they are highly flexible, making it easy to fit your lifestyle.

Try out iWriter here!

20. Kibin

Source: Kibin

However, if writing new and original content doesn’t interest you, why not try Kibin?

Instead of writing new articles, you’ll edit them to read better. That makes it an excellent job opportunity if you are good at grammar.

Plus, you can transfer your earnings anytime!

However, it’s not open for everyone as you need to be a native English speaker to join. But, if you can join, you can expect to be paid around $4 to $10 per document edited.

Try out Kibin here!

5 Online Teaching Jobs to Try Out

Another excellent way for anyone to start earning money part-time is by teaching people.

And while you might think you need to be a math expert to start tutoring, you don’t need to do that. Instead, you can begin tutoring people at any level.

With online teaching jobs, you get paid per hour of tutoring. So, the more time you put into tutoring, the more cash you could earn.

However, to succeed at it, you need to market yourself to get someone to use your services.

So, if you’re ready to start tutoring, here are a couple of platforms for you to start.

21. Cambly

Source: Cambly

Cambly is an excellent way to start tutoring. In there, you’ll be helping foreign speakers get better at English.

You earn $10 per every tutoring hour. No minimum hours exist so that you can create your schedule and workload.

Try out Cambly here!

22. Studypool

Source: Studypool

Continuing down the list, we have Studypool! It’s an excellent teaching platform. However, instead of tutoring people, you help them with their homework.

And that could be about any subject from writing and mathematics to business and science.

Plus, you could earn money by creating documents and selling them. You only need to do the application process, and you can start earning.

Try out Studypool here!

23. Chegg

Source: Chegg

Another great place to find some tutoring jobs is in Chegg. You can teach almost any academic subject for any student level – from K-12 to college and professional level.

Plus, the pay is excellent with Chegg. You can expect to earn $20 per hour, and you create your schedule. I recommend you to give it a try.

Try out Chegg here!

24. Udemy

Source: Udemy

However, you don’t only need to become an online tutor or help out people with homework. Instead, you could teach people through courses. And one of the best places to earn is through Udemy. 

You can teach about almost anything, from academic subjects like math to some hobbies like bartending and software development.

So, if there’s something you’re good at, then you can create a course.

All you need to do is create your profile and become a premium instructor!

Try out Udemy here!



Finally, we have It’s one of the oldest and most trusted tutoring services available, as it’s part of the Princeton Review. There, you can teach about anything academic at any level.

You earn by logging into the classroom and looking for people who need your help. Then, you get paid per every tutoring hour.

However, you must go through their application form to join, which can take time. However, it can go quicker if you have some teaching experience or a certain degree.

Try out here!

3 Phone Jobs to Try Out

If you’re looking for the easiest ways to earn money, nothing is easier than downloading these apps.

There, you get paid to do simple work like filling out online surveys, watching videos, etc.

However, while it’s straightforward, you should also consider that you won’t earn much from them. So, these apps are best used if you have nothing to do.

Here are a couple you could try.

26. SlicethePie

Source: SlicethePie

Are you an avid music fan? If so, then there’s nothing better than SlicethePie.

In this app, you’ll listen to artists' music and give them feedback. That helps them to create better music.

Plus, you can get paid twice a week. However, you need to have earned at least $10 before being able to cash out.

Try out SlicethePie here!

27. Survey Junkie

Source: Survey Junkie

As the name might suggest, Survey Junkie is a platform where you get paid to fill out surveys and not to forget it is one of the most popular survey sites in the world.

Fortunately, there are a ton of surveys for you to fill out, meaning you’ll always have something to do.

But when it comes to pay, you shouldn’t expect anything much. However, as you earn points, you can convert them into gift cards or transfer them to your PayPal or bank account.

Try out Survey Junkie here!

28. Swagbucks

Source: Swagbucks

Finishing this list is arguably one of the best-known money-making apps – Swagbucks.

It’s a huge app where you get paid for various tasks, including answering surveys, watching videos, and playing games.

As you finish these tasks, you earn points that you can redeem into gift cards or cash via a PayPal account.

Try out Swagbucks here!

5 Other Work-From-Home Jobs to Try Out

These are the most unique jobs that wouldn’t fit any other category here. However, don’t think that these unique platforms don’t pay well.

It’s quite the contrary. So, let’s check them out.

29. UserTesting

Source: UserTesting

How does it sound if you could get paid to just browse through websites? While it won’t be as simple as that, UserTesting offers you just that.

With this, you’ll simultaneously record yourself testing companies' websites and voicing your opinion.

That helps companies create better website experiences, which also pay you well.

According to UserTesting, you could earn up to $60 per useability test. However, you must first complete a test before you can start earning.

Try out UserTesting here!

30. UserFeel

Source: UserFeel

If you don’t have enough work in UserTesting, try out UserFeel. Like UserTesting, you’ll test various websites and voice your opinion about them.

It’s open worldwide, meaning that almost anyone can start using it.

But just like with UserTesting, you first need to go through a test before you can start working, and they pay you up to $30 per test.

Try out UserFeel here!

31. Upcall

Source: Upcall

Apart from testing websites, you could also work for Upcall. In there, you’ll be doing both customer service and cold calls.

What makes Upcall great is that they give you a flexible schedule so you can fit it into your lifestyle and take as much workload as you want.

All you need to have is a laptop and a microphone. However, if you’re not a US resident, unfortunately, it’s unavailable to you.

Try out Upcall here!

32. Kelly Connect

Source: KellyConnect

If cold calls sound too much and you would love to stick with customer service, you should try out Kelly Connect.

With this, you can start working for big companies like Apple. But even better, your pay starts at $13.50 per hour, with room for improvement.

However, you must have previous customer service experience if you want to join the team.

Try out Kelly Connect here!

33. HotelPlanner

Source: HotelPlanner

HotelPlanner is by far the most unique part-time job-from-home opportunity on this list.

With them, you’ll be working as a reservation agent. Mainly, you’ll book huge groups like sports teams, work conferences, weddings, and more

Plus, the calls are outbound, so you won’t take any cold calls. You earn a 15% commission, so you must convert a call into a booking.

Try out HotelPlanner here!

3 Entrepreneurial Opportunities to Try Out

Last but not least, we also want to give you some options for the entrepreneurially-minded.

All of these opportunities don’t require you to make any investment and have the potential to turn into passive income.

However, know that there is no guarantee that it will become profitable. Plus, you might need to work weeks, if not months, to see your first dollar.

However, if you stay consistent, you could earn as much as you’d want.


One of the easiest ways to start earning is through freelancing. With this, you’ll be providing digital services to different companies.

That could be anything from data entry and writing to software development and video editing.

Whatever it is, you must build up a reputation to start earning. That’s because you probably won’t have any social proof, which makes it hard for clients to trust you.

So start by taking any job out there, no matter how low they pay. Then, as you give them excellent service and earn great reviews, you can increase your prices.

To do this, I recommend you to go to these platforms:

  • Upwork – You earn by applying to job posts. Best way to get clients fast.

  • Fiverr – Instead of you looking for new clients, they’ll be contacting you. It’s slower to start but will help eliminate time looking for clients as you build a reputation there.

Create Content on Social Media

Becoming a content creator is one of the best ways to make money from your passion. With this, you get paid for the pre-roll ads and any promotions or affiliate links you promote.

You can do that on any platform, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitch.

However, you shouldn’t think about the money first. Instead, you should focus on building an audience! That’s because if you create a bigger audience, the more valuable you’ll look for companies.

And how do you do that? There’s only one thing – creating good quality content regularly. It should be unique to you and entertaining, so it’s okay to experiment.


If making videos doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you could earn money through blogs. While it might not be as profitable as before, it can still make you a ton of passive income if you’re willing to do the work.
You’ll earn by doing content creation through promotions, affiliate products, and blog ads. You could also try out crowdfunding platforms like Patreon as well.

And just like with content creation monetization, the first goal of blogging is to create an engaging audience.

So, post new content often and offer something unique so people will want to keep reading.

Plus, if you don’t have any money to spare, you can start blogging on third-party platforms like and Medium. Then, as your financial situation improves, you can build your website and post content there.


And those were the 32 part-time job opportunities that you can do in the comfort of your home. There’s something for anyone, from someone to make an extra quick buck to building a thriving business.

So, instead of wasting any more time, take action and start earning a part-time income!

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