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  2. Insurance Agent
  3. Telemarketer
  4. Coding Specialist
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Customer Care Manager
  7. Conclusion

Even if you don’t have a bachelor's degree, you can still work from home and make a great salary. Many high-paying entry-level remote jobs are available and need employees. These positions offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to work from anywhere. Most of the jobs are remote positions. So, here are the five highest-paying work-from-home jobs that don’t need a bachelor's degree.

1. Insurance Agent

insurance agent

Annual Salary $58,509

The average salary for an insurance agent is $58,509, but this is a commission job, so there is the potential to earn more than stated. Insurance agents contact customers by phone or email. You will then gather information from these potential customers to help them meet their insurance needs.

2. Telemarketer


Annual Salary $60,583

You will reach out to potential customers to promote products or set appointments for salespeople. Sometimes, you'll have to search for numbers of qualified buyers. If you're friendly and polite, this might be the job for you.

3. Coding Specialist

Coding Specialist

Annual Salary $52,746

Medical coding specialists review patients' charts after appointments and assign codes to various parts of their visits. The codes designate the types of procedures the patient receives. Insurance companies use the codes to determine what is covered.

4. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Annual Salary $55,933

Social media managers represent a company or organization on social media. You will be posting and monitoring a company's social presence, and while interacting with customers. Tracking social media trends and strategizing what posts promote the brands image is also a job. You will analyze and provide the company with analytics as to how the campaigns are performing.

5. Customer Care Manager

Customer Care Managers

Annual Salary $56,534

These managers offer high-level support to customers and entry-level customer support agents. You will determine customer service policies and resolve issues. Training customer service agents and responding to escalating customer support problems is also part of the job.


There's several remote positions that pay a good salary with flexible hours. Many of these opportunities are entry-level positions that do not require a traditional college bachelor's degree and offer the flexibility of working from home.

And fortunately, you don’t have to have a college degree to perform any of them.

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