1. Quick Summary
  2. Technical Writer
  3. Cartographer
  4. Actuary
  5. Radiation Therapist
  6. Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists
  7. Mathematicians
  8. Solar Energy Systems Engineers
  9. Data Scientist
  10. Dietitian
  11. Librarian
  12. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  13. College or University Professor
  14. Audiologist
  15. Operations Research Analyst
  16. Dermatologist
  17. Speech Pathologist
  18. Ophthalmologist
  19. Software Developer
  20. Petroleum Engineer
  21. Art Director
  22. Purchasing Manager
  23. Biomedical Engineer
  24. Economist
  25. Research Scientist
  26. Operations Engineer
  27. Information Systems Manager
  28. Dentist
  29. Accountant
  30. IT Technician
  31. Business Intelligence Analyst
  32. Model
  33. Historian
  34. Law Clerk
  35. Real Estate Appraiser
  36. Political Scientist
  37. Chemical Engineer
  38. Physicist
  39. Conclusion

Most of the time, high-paying jobs come with a lot of stress. Balancing income and stress levels is crucial when choosing a career. But you might want a stress-free environment. Leaving a high-paying, high-stress job for something better suited to your skills and personality can bring significant benefits, such as the ability to work remotely and enjoy your tasks more. Being stress-free doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Some of the least stressful jobs offer generous salaries and job security. Here are 37 stress-free high-paying jobs.

1. Technical Writer

Technical Writer

Annual Salary $99,546

A technical writer conveys complex information in simple terms to the general public or a select audience. They write technical manuals, design specifications, project plans and more.

2. Cartographer


Annual Salary $65,470

The demand for cartographers is growing. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in cartography or an aligned field. You’ll be putting together maps and assisting with navigation systems.

3. Actuary

financial planning

Annual Salary $108,350

You’ll be using math skills as well as statistics and analysis knowledge to develop probability tables, examine financial risks and set insurance rates. A bachelor's degree in statistics or a related field is typically required for actuaries to earn this six-figure salary.

4. Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapist

Annual Salary $85,560

Working in the healthcare field can be lucrative. And a radiation therapist is no exception. These professionals administer radiation treatment to people who have cancer and other ailments.

5. Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists

Research Scientist

Annual Salary $107,970

These scientists analyze data from satellites, aircraft, geographic information systems and ground-based platforms. The data is applied to solve problems in urban planning. It also deals with homeland security and natural resource management. There is no stress with this job.

According to labor statistics, the demand for remote sensing scientists and technologists is expected to grow, with median pay reflecting the specialized skills required in this field.

6. Mathematicians


Annual Salary $112,110

Mathematicians use math to solve problems in different fields and industries. They solve problems in science, business engineering and more.

7. Solar Energy Systems Engineers

Solar Energy Systems Engineers

Annual Salary $104,600

These are alternative energy experts. They develop solar energy development plans for real-world applications.

8. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Annual Salary $$145,080

Usually, data scientists work in the tech industry. They present, evaluate and present information to their employer. You'll need a master's degree or higher and a background in mathematics and computer science.

9. Dietitian


Annual Salary $69,680

A dietitian works with people to lead healthy lives. Dietitians often help people with weight loss or weight management. Athletes often consult with dietitians. They also work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to ensure patients receive nutritious meals.

10. Librarian


Annual Salary $64,370

Law firms, museums and schools use librarians and research librarians for various purposes. They often work with professors to find obscure information or lawyers to find past law decisions.

Librarians are considered a low-stress job with good compensation and job security.

11. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Annual Salary $80,850

These individuals operate special imaging equipment to conduct medical tests or create images. They work in laboratories, hospitals or medical offices.

Diagnostic medical sonographers are considered part of low-stress jobs, offering good compensation and job security.

12. College or University Professor


Annual Salary $84,380

Most professors have a Ph.D., but some community colleges hire those with master's degrees to teach if they have a certain expertise.

13. Audiologist


Annual Salary $87,740

An audiologist is a doctor who specializes in auditory systems. Audiologists perform tests to determine the patient's hearing level and prescribe treatment

14. Operations Research Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

Annual Salary $83,640

These individuals use data and statistical tools to solve problems. They find ways to make businesses more efficient. You must have strong analytical skills and mastery of computer systems.

Operations research analysts use data collection, analysis, and modeling to help companies identify and solve problems within their organization. The projected growth of jobs in this field is 23% between 2021 and 2031.

15. Dermatologist


Annual Salary $319,494

This medical doctor treats skin diseases. Dermatologists also handle cosmetic disorders like hair loss and scars.

16. Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologist

Annual Salary $96,090

A speech pathologist assesses and treats people who have speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders. They can work with children or stroke victims. Speech pathologists also treat patients who have problems swallowing. Their work significantly contributes to patients' mental health and overall well-being.

17. Ophthalmologist


Annual Salary $$375,421

An ophthalmologist is an eye care specialist. Unlike optometrists or opticians, an ophthalmologist is a medical doctor. An ophthalmologist has specific training and experience in diagnosing vision and eye conditions.

18. Software Developer

IT Manager

Annual Salary $127,260

Software developers design, create and maintain computer programs and systems. They work to meet their clients' needs. They can build operating systems, mobile apps and video games.

19. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Annual Salary $96,592

A petroleum engineer designs systems for extracting gas and oil from the earth. Many focus on developing efficient and environmentally sustainable drills and rigs.

20. Art Director

Art Director

Annual Salary $77,358

The job description of an art director includes overseeing the style and visual elements of product packaging. Art directors work with artists, designers, and photographers to ensure that the graphics and design pieces align with the original concept. They also ensure that everything is within budget and that deadlines are met.

21. Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager

Annual Salary $79,610

These managers develop strategies for buying and sourcing equipment, services and goods for an organization. Purchasing managers interact with suppliers to track the process of product deliveries. They determine the organization's supply needs by taking inventory. They also check the company's quality specifications and standards.

22. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Annual Salary $86,755

Biomedical engineers use a combination of scientific and engineering knowledge to design and build artificial organs, prosthetic limbs, and other devices to help people function.

23. Economist


Annual Salary $111,940

An economist analyzes the creation and distribution of services, goods and other industry resources. They do this by analyzing trends, data and other economic issues.

24. Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Annual Salary $95,565

These scientists coordinate, design and implement experiments to analyze data. They then review the results. A research scientist will also develop research strategies to increase productivity and efficiency levels. They often conduct research and present findings on under-studied topics.

25. Operations Engineer

Operations Engineers

Annual Salary $98,783

Operations engineers ensure an organization’s machinery and other technical items are running efficiently.

26. Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers oversee activities related to an organization's computer systems. They will review the company's needs and recommend more effective upgrades to management. Information systems managers also manage the maintenance and installation efforts of various software and hardware systems. This includes analyzing costs and benefits.

27. Dentist


Annual Salary $223,864

Dentists evaluate, diagnose and treat issues in the patient’s mouth. This includes gums and teeth. They may perform cleanings, tooth extractions, and correcting bite issues.

According to O*NET, dentists have a stress tolerance score of 70, which is higher compared to many other professions, indicating a higher level of stress tolerance required.

28. Accountant


Annual Salary $77,857

An accountant helps individuals and organizations administer financial documents. They prepare taxes, perform internal audits, reconcile accounts and develop financial statements.

According to O*NET, accountants have moderate stress tolerance scores, indicating they often need to accept criticism and handle stressful situations, but not as frequently as some other professions.

29. IT Technician

IT Technician

Annual Salary $52,455

These technicians specialize in investigating and resolving issues with IT equipment. This includes computers, hardware, software and networks.

30. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst

Annual Salary $87,886

Business intelligence analysts help organizations extract meaning from business data. The result is that companies can make informed strategic decisions about the topic. Business intelligence analysts’ duties include collecting and sorting data. With that data, they can forecast sales market data and report their findings to leaders. Business intelligence analysts are often considered part of stress-free jobs due to their good compensation and job security.

31. Model


Annual Salary $93,419

Models pose in photo shoots, video shoots and appear at live events to promote a product. They are mainly in the fashion industry but specialized models like hand and foot models exist.

32. Historian


Annual Salary $67,573

Historians study, interpret and record the past. They do this by finding and organizing data from archives, artifacts, ancient texts and other records. They often publish their discoveries in books or academic journals.

33. Law Clerk

Law Clerk

Annual Salary $59,371

Law clerks help judges research issues, write opinions, and make legal determinations. They are usually attorneys or have completed law school.

34. Real Estate Appraiser

real estate

Annual Salary $83,091

Real estate appraisers assess property value and provide objective opinions. They provide appraisals to buyers, sellers or mortgage companies. A real estate appraiser may also research and prepare reports about the residential or commercial property.

35. Political Scientist

Political Scientist

Annual Salary $122,510

Political scientists study political systems and governments. They also may research government policies and political ideas. Some teach political science, forecast political trends and analyze election results.

36. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Annual Salary $105,550

Chemical engineering is considered a high paying job due to its substantial salary. These engineers apply the principles of chemistry to manufacture drugs, plastics, chemicals, and many other products. Chemical engineers may also design chemical plant equipment and develop new and improved manufacturing processes.


37. Physicist


Annual Salary $152,430

Physicists research physical phenomena, such as the origin of the universe and the nature of time. They develop theories and models based on observations and experiments.


If you can’t handle stress, examine any one of these careers. Choosing a less stressful job can offer benefits such as a decent salary and job security, which are often lacking in more stressful jobs. They’re all lucrative and stress-free. From models to physicists, you’re sure to find something that’s a fit.

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