Are you ready for a little getaway? Maybe you’re taking the kids on spring break or just a solo trip to clear you’re mind. Or perhaps you’re trying to reschedule a flight while all these major airlines try to figure their internal systems out (looking at you, Southwest, and American Airlines). Before you pay an arm and a leg for flights, Check out Google Flights . You can find cheap airfare and save your money for when you actually reach your destination. It’s time to book your next trip. Airfare has become insanely expensive, with airlines trying to recoup losses when travel was shut down. Don’t let that stop you from booking your dream vacation or visiting your family for the holidays. Here’s what you should know about finding cheap airfare through Google Flights.

What is Google Flights?

Google has created a massive flight search engine that constantly updates the best prices. It’s a very user-friendly tool where you can add specific destinations or keep track of flight prices out of a specific destination. Use it to track every airline’s flights instead of going to each website.

The search engine allows you to narrow down your search. Choose from Economy, Premium Economy, Business, or First class to pick your price point. From there, there are more filters to choose from, like the number of stops, checking a bag, how long you’re willing to travel and which airports you’ll connect through.

Save more money on travel

Try to be flexible about your travel dates to save even more money on flights. If you can fly home on a Monday morning instead of a Sunday or travel early Saturday morning instead of Friday afternoon, you might see cheaper options. Consider nearby airports if you’re traveling to a big city. Keeping your options open never hurts, and looking at Google fares can help.

Other features of Google Flights

Use the Explore page to get inspiration for future trips. You can explore flights from your chosen airport if you’re open to not having a specific destination in mind. Destinations can be worldwide, so don’t hesitate to look for trans-Atlantic flights.

Using the calendar view, you can see when prices are lower. Certain days of the week are usually cheaper than others, as are flying at less popular times of the day. This is a great way to look ahead and plan for flight prices.

The results

Google will consider all of your search criteria to give you a list of the best available sites. You will also see the price history on the list of flights and can see any patterns of when price drops typically occur. You can add a tracking option if you want to keep an eye on a particular flight or itinerary and get Google flight alerts. Google doesn’t actually handle booking flights, but it will connect you to the websites where you can make your purchase.